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Amazon - CreateSpace Publishing Help Tips - 2013-Feb-11

Update: 2015-October-25                                                                 


A) CreateSpace.......

Add New Title...

6 x 9 Book Size...

Color Bleed ...

B) How to use MS Publisher 2003 ...

File --> New

File -> Page Setup ->

Layout Tab:           
     Under Page -> "Booklet" --> 8.625 (width) X 11.25 (height) 
     (Note: Adding 0.125 for width and 0.25 for height to the size - if color bleed)

Then, Printer and Paper tab: Put the same Width & Height

Printer & Paper Tab:
     Select NovaPDF
     Paper - Custom Size / Portrait.
     -- Properties - Custom / Width & Height (set same as 8.625 x 11.25)


Highlight a paragraph.
R-Click --> Change Text --> Paragraph...
Line Spacing:  Between Lines (1.3 sp)

Tools -> Graphics Manager...

Click a picture, and the corresponding item in the left pane highlights.

Click Down-arrow and select Details... Effective resolution. If above 300 dpi, reduce.

C) How to insert a picture in MS Publisher 2003 ...

Prepare a high resolution JPEG image in Nikon View NX (Use Capture NX and/or PhotoShop).

From View NX, "copy" an image and "paste" into MS Publisher.

Crop if needed and finish the layout.

D) Reduce image resolution to 300 dpi ... After Layout

1. Save as picture... R-click the image and "Save as picture..."

     Click "Change..." button and select "Commercial printing 300 dpi". Click OK.
     Set save type as JPEG.

     Use auto file name "Picture1,2,3,4..." and set the same folder as the original. Save.

2. Change picture...Then, R-click the same image again and "Change picture...From File"

    Select the image just saved above.

    On Insert button, click down-arrow and select "Link to File" (not "Insert")

E) How to create a Nova PDF file ...

Then "Print" - Do not use "Save As". This will create one PDF file....

File -> Print -> Printer Details Tab ->

1-1.  Properties -> Page Tab -> Width 8.625 / Height 11.25 (inch) - 8.5 x 11 BOOK
1-2.  Properties -> Page Tab -> Width 7.13   / Height 10.25 (inch) - 7 x 11 BOOK
1-3.  Properties -> Page Tab -> Width 6.13   / Height   9.25 (inch) - 6 x 9   BOOK

2.  Advanced Print Setings -> Page Settings Tab

Under Printer's marks, click Crop marks.

Under Bleeds, click Allow bleeds & Bleed marks. Then OK.

For Printer name -> "novaPDF"

Also set Printer's paper size: 8.625 x 11.25 (same as above)

F) How to make COVER for CreateSpace book ...

MS Publisher:

1.  Create a cover page in MS Publisher. Put all titles and author name.

2.  Make a duplicate page. Shift the whole page by 1/3 vertically.


3.  Generate a PDF file (see above) for the whole MS Publisher file.


4.  Use MultiPDF to convert PDF to JPEG.  Each page becomes a JPEG file.


6.  In Photoshop, open these 2 jpeg files, one shifted down 1/3.

7.  Zoom in once for both images.

8.  Select Rectangular Marquee tool and select a portion to replace.

9.  Edit->Copy. Then do the same for the destination, and Edit->Paste.

10. Save the image "as a copy" in JPEG format.


11.  Upload this for Book front cover.