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Amazon - Kindle Publishing Help Tips - New 2012-December

Update: 2013-July-12                                                                 


A) How to make picture files (to insert) ...

1.   Select TIFF images from /Candidates/ and copy into /CPS/PHOTO LARGE/ folder.

2.   Use ViewNX to do final selection and invoke CaptureNX to fix and save as "A-xxx.jpg."

3.   Copy all A-xxx.jpg to /CPS/PHOTO SMALL/ folder for resize.

4.   In Photoshop --- Open all A-xxx.jpg files.

5.   In Photoshop --- Image - Image Size - Pixel Dimensions : 600 pixels for width.

6.   In Photoshop --- Save As - JPEG : Use the same file name (override OK).

7.   In Photoshop --- JPEG Option : Use Quality HIGH (8).

8.   Max size per image = 127 KB (JPEG).

A1) CaptureNX from Nikon ...

1.   Adjust - Light - Auto Levels... Auto - Advanced - Correct Contrast/Correct Color Cast
     --- Good for the last adjustment to ensure Brightness.

2.   Adjust - Light - Contrast/Brightness...
     --- Good for these.

3.   Adjust - Color - Color Balance...
     --- Very difficult to use (used for old print to make it green).

4.   Adjust - Color - Color Boost...
     --- Good for boosting.

5.   Adjust - Color - Saturation/Warmth...
     --- Do not over saturate.

6.   Tilt / Crop.

7.   Local color adjust.

8.   Fix warping.

A2) How to Make a Title Page ...

1.   Put a large TIFF image file into MS Publisher.
2.   Add book title to the image (Insert text box).
3.   Display "Preview"
4.   Screen shot to MS Paint.
5.   Select the image and "Crop" and Save As (JPEG) with Highest.
6.   Upload to Kindle (Title).

B1) How to Make a TOC ... Word 2003 - better way

1.   It's easier and more flexible to just make Hyper-link using Bookmark, as below:
2.   Create a TOC where you want it (like, a list of items like Preface, Chapter1, Chapter 2, etc)
3.   In MS Doc, put a marker text to jump to, like "ch1", "ch2" etc. maybe, at the Page break.
4.   Highlight "ch1" and Insert --> Bookmark... and name it "ch01" say.
5.   Do the same for all places you want to jump to from TOC.
6.   Come back to TOC and highlight "Chapter 1". Then R-click - Hyperlink. - Bookmark button.
7.   Select "ch1" bookmark. Now, TOC's Chapter 1 is connected to "ch1".

8.   When making a new chapter, place the carrot at the beginning of the letter "chapter" and R-click Paragraph... and Line and Page Breaks tab, Page break before and OK. This will always start a chapter in a new page in KDP...

B1) How to Make a TOC ... Word 2003 - some problem

1.   Highlight the word (to appear in TOC) like "Chapter 1" (Ensure to put CR at the end)
2.   Format - Styles and Formatting... - Select "Heading 1"
3.   Do the same for all "Chapters..." to appear in TOC.

4.   Click the location where you want TOC to appear.
4.   Insert - Reference - Index & Tables - and Click Table of Contents TAB
5.   Unclick "Show page number" and OK.
6.   To add more, do (1) and Hightlight TOC and R-clcik "Update Field"

7.   Type "Table of Contents" above the TOC
8.   Highlight it - then Insert - Bookmark - Type "toc" (without quates).
9.   Kindle user can now jump to TOC in your book.

10. Font size/color of Heading 1 must be set my Heading 1 - Modify
11. Use Heading 2 for sub-items in TOC
12. Table of Contents itself can be colored or sized directly by highlighting it...

B) How to prepare a book document in MS Word...

1.   Create a book text using MS Word (CPS.doc).  Max doc size = 54 MB.
Text space, indent, font, size, ...

2.   Insert images (.jpg) using Insert - From File (Do not use Copy/Paste).
3.   In the final Word document, Save As - Type: Web page - filtered (*.html, *htm)
4.   A warning message about ...  

Just click OK.
5.   This creates CPS.htm and CPS_files folder (containing all jpeg images).
6.   To make a single zip file, go to Windows Explorer and highlight both (use ctrl).
7.   R-click and select "Send to" and select "Compressed (zipped) folder".
8.   This creates a zip file of the name where the cursor is at. (ex.
9.   This is the zip file to be uploaded to Kindle.

C) How to upload to Kindle....

1.   Go to Kindle :

2.   Sign in :

3.   Bookshelf - Select the title to work on.

4.   Verify your publishing right : This is NOT public domain.

5.   Upload Your Book File : Enable digital rights management.

6.   Book content file : Browse for Book -- Go to file created above.

      Select and click Open, and then Upload Book.

7.   After successful upload, click "Preview" to see the book.

8.   If all is good, click "Save and Continue"

9.   WHEN YOU ARE READY to Publish >>>>> then "Save and Publish" !!!!!

C1) How to make changes after publishing....

1.   Go to Bookshelf - Click the BOX at the left of the title to modify.

2.   Select "Edit book detail" from the Actions button drop-down.

3.   Go through the same uploading of a new zip file.

4.   If all is good, click "Save and Continue" and then "Save and Publish" !!!!!