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Download Notes   

Last Update: 2010-October-06                       


To install this VC++ CAD G-System on Windows, click this --- G-System Install 2010-09-24B

NOTE: This installs properly only for Windows Vista and Windows 7.  (Total size:  about 6MB)
           G.EXE will be created on your desktop (Start/All Programs/G-System/G.EXE).
           Also, if you had installed this before, you must uninstall before attempting a new install.
           (Note: Windows XP not supported.)

2010 September 15

Finally succeeded in making this G-System CAD downloadable from this website - just click
G-System Install here.  As for Getting started, please look at Mouse Usage under User Guide on the left pane of Home page.


1. Bring up G.EXE. Click a command icon on the left with 4 small boxes (red,green,blue,yellow) - its tooltip says "CFD Ibitsu Test".
2. Click TAB-KEY once or twice or three times, then hit SPACE-BAR. (This gives you 3 different pre-defined scenarios)
3. Continue to hit SPACE-BAR many times. I am inserting a box in an existing domain and discretizing the domain accordingly - to maintain hex structure.
4. Eventually, the domain is gridded (meshed) and I show grids by moving IJK planes.
5. Click TAB-KEY to toggle IJK planes and continue to hit SPACE-BAR.
6. Prompt messages on the lower desktop may be of help.
7. You can now go to a separate GRID command (lower icon) and key in a number of grids per region (say 5 or 8l).

Technical Notes

I used Visual Studio 2008 Windows Installer (under Windows 7) to create this setup program for this CAD system.

When I installed this on my Windows XP desktop machine and ran it, I hit a snug -  a runtime error "Entry Point Not Found" << The procedure entry point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll. >>  This is due to incompatible dlls in XP. So this software has to be installed above Windows Vista level.


You must install this software at your own risk. No explicit or implicit guarantee or promise is given by the author.