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  G-system (VS2008) -  2016-12-20  Modification Record


2016-12-20  Real time track ball now changes color (crosshair) on the backside of the sphere.

2016-12-20  Cross hair does not change to DASH when during the box creation.

2016-12-20  Name change :  m_XXXList --> m_listXXX

2016-12-20  TempLineNew_VIEW now uses class (no array[1000]) -- TempLineForViewNew

2016-12-23  Light ----

2016-12-25  FK Box3d - the reason EventForLBD (not IND) is used for final box creation is that IND may fail if the point is far above the horizon (far above the current plane)... 

2017-01-06  OnLightNew & Setup3Light   ...  New light & delete all lights

2017-05-00 OpenGL hit test broken in Windows 10 / VS2015 64-bit - root cause: glLoadName(uint)
                     Fixed by using std::map (pickID, CElemBase*)

2017-09-00  Current plane dialog now has Total Elem counter & PickID max counter.

2017-09-00  CColorDialog now has my own title "Change color of existing elems"