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CFD - Inserting an Element

 Computational Fluid Dynamics


Inserting an element that covers multiple regions....

An element (hexahedral object) is inserted into an existing domain, and the system will apply necessary decomposition to further subdivide the existing domain. We are inserting an element which lies over multiple sub-domain cells (regions) below.

* This element insertion is based on a proprietary algorithm.


(1) The domain is initially subdivided into many sub-domains. We are inserting an element into this domain. Here, the element spans over multiple sub-domain cells.

(2) The system automatically decomposes the domain - in response to the newly inserted element. After the insertion, the integrity of the hexahedral decomposition is maintained. A newly introduced element can span over multiple cells, as in this illustration.  Note, however, that the placement of the element must not be such that it violates the hexahedral restoration.

(3) After successful decomposition above, we are inserting another element into the domain, as below.

(4) The automatic decomposition takes place in response to the second element, once again restoring the hexahedral domain integrity.



Testing Insertion feature....

(1) A box element (intentionally warped) is placed in the domain.


(2) Automatic decomposition follows....

(3) Decomposition accuracy is incrementally improved.... until the final decomposition is obtained.

(4) After restoring the domain integrity, grid generation is applied...




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