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CFD - Slice Operation
Computer-Aided Design Software
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 Computational Fluid Dynamics


Create a domain made of multiple boxes.....

Slice edges along the I direction (red axis). Two cuts are made....

Slice edges along the K direction (blue axis). Three cuts are made in the second region....

Now, restore the domain integrity.

Another try... A multi-box domain created.

Now the domain is structured....

Apply two I-slices (cutting all I edges)

Then, apply one J-slice (cutting all J edges)

Finally, apply three K-slices (cutting all K edges) in the middle region

Now, we generate grids (ex. 5 grids per edge here)

Viewing the grid points.....



CAD System Web Site - Computer Aided Design Software:  Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.  

Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.