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Carnivorous Plants in the Wilderness
by Makoto Honda


Book Title:  Carnivorous Plants in the Wilderness - by Makoto Honda

Total 136 two-page spreads (272 pages)


0.  Introduction   x17
1.  Pitcher Plants: Sarracenia   x28
2.  Cobra Plant: Darlingtonia   x16
3.  Sundews: Drosera   x20
4.  Venus Flytrap: Dionaea    x11
5.  Butterworts : Pinguicula    x18
6.  Bladderworts: Utricularia    x26


This is a book on the ecology of carnivorous plants, their lifestyle and surroundings. I created this book to take you to the wilderness. Or, perhaps, bring the wilderness right into your living room.

Like some of you, I became interested in carnivorous plants in my childhood. The idea of tiny plants devouring live insects intrigued me. I started growing some. I found a group of people interested in these vegetable oddities: The Insectivorous Plant Society, founded in Japan in 1949.

In the United States, I visited many bogs and swamps over the span of decades in search of native carnivorous plants, many of which are endemic to North America. During this time I have seen large habitats being claimed for development.

As the human population increases, the health of the ecosystem around the world is becoming compromised and many species are being pushed to the edge of extinction. Carnivorous plants are no exception. Efforts are underway to preserve these unique species in nature but the time is running out for some.

This book is a photographic tribute to some carnivorous plants and their environs that I was able to witness during my wanderings through the wildernesses of North America.