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Temporary Element
Computer-Aided Design Software
(CAD System)



Temporary elements are displayed on the screen typically for the purpose of visual cues. As such, temporary elements are not persistent and will not be saved in the model. There are a few different kinds of temporary elements such as a point, line, circle and so forth. Some temporary elements are dynamic, rubber-banded to the cursor.

All temporary elements are unaffected by the OpenGL lights.



In FM programming code:

InvalidateAllVpts ();
ClearTempAll ();
TempPoint ( RED, SOLID, pt );
TempLine ( GREEN, SOLID, pt1, pt2 );
TempLineNew ( GREEN, SOLID, pt1, pt2 );
TempCircleNew ( YELLOW, DASH, radius, origin, axisZ );




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Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.