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User Guide - Desktop Layout

Computer-Aided Design Software
(CAD System)

 G-System User Guide

1.  Desktop


The desktop layout of the CAD system is shown below. Multiple geometry viewports are supported.


1.   Menu bar

2.   Tool bars

3.   Geometry viewports

4.   FM command submenus

5.   FM command status bar

     FM command mode indicator
Prompt message
System feedback message (informative/error message)
Mouse coordinate tracking pad

6.   Key-in status bar

     Key-in pad
Key-in feedback
Coordinate system mode indicator  (Rectangular/Cylindrical/Spherical)
Coordinate relative mode (Absolute/Relative)
Current plane coordinate system selector (Global/Current Plane)


CAD System Web Site:  Copyright 2010-2012 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.  

Copyright 2010-2012 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.