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User Guide - General Description

Computer-Aided Design Software
(CAD System)

 G-System User Guide

This software package is written in C++ language using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) library. The program is based on MFC's Document/View architecture and utilizes the MDI (Multiple Document Interface).

This program is intended to serve as a basic framework for any graphic systems. The software architecture is carefully designed and structured to allow the addition of any domain-specific commands to this CAD package with a relative ease. A consistent programming paradigm for handling the GUI (graphical user-interface) state transition is provided.

The base element class from which new elements can be derived supports all basic behaviors for positional transformations implemented in this CAD system (such as Translation, Rotation, etc.).

The OpenGL-based rendering scheme is provided for the geometric elements within the framework of the Document/View architecture.


The main purpose of any graphics system is to create some geometry. This program at the moment has only a small set of functions in terms of geometry creation (See Elements in User Guide). I added some CFD gridding capability recently (see CFD Grids).

Summary of the CAD Capability - for Users

Desk top - clear and intuitive desktop layout.

Multiple-viewport support - user can open as many viewport windows as he wishes.

Viewing functionality - user friendly mouse-based viewing manipulation.

Current plane - the system provides an intuitive construction plane.

FM command scheme - intuitive command based GUI dialog.

Visual cue - various visual cues are provided for friendly user interface.

Element positional manipulation - many intuitive visual manipulations supported.

User Guide Documentation.

Summary of the Software Structure/Design - for Developers

C++ implementation with Microsoft MFC-based Document/View-architecture.

MDI (multiple document interface)-enabled view construction.

OpenGL-based graphical rendering.

No reliance on any other libraries.

DLL (dynamic link library) hierarchy.

Complete viewing functionality supported.

Current plane implementation.

Consistent FM command scheme.

Dialog state based programming paradigm for GUI construction.

Visual cue rendering support.

Element class hierarchy.

Complete element positional transformations supported.

Some simple element creation commands implemented.

Programmers Guide for FM Command Programming.





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Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.