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User Guide - Element Grouping
Computer-Aided Design Software
(CAD System)

Computer-Aided Design Software

 G-System User Guide

9.  Group Elements 


In some FM commands, the user can use a “grouping” facility to bundle multiple elements to be used as a target of some specific operation, such as deletion, transformation, and so on.  This grouping is itself a temporary FM, to be activated during some permanent FM operation.  When grouping is allowed, Group icon is enabled.  Once in this mode, various grouping manipulations are available.  Hitting Group OK icon signals the target selection confirmation, and the user is returned to the original permanent FM.

Menu Structure

               Group Mode
               Group All
               Group Clear
               Group OK


Group Mode

This icon is enabled if grouping is allowed.  Clicking this icon sets a temporary function mode for grouping elements. Select an element to be grouped.  A grouped element will be highlighted. Clicking an already-selected  element will remove it from the group. To facilitate grouping, the user can use a “trap box” by R-clicking one corner of the trap box and then R-clicking the other diagonal corner of the box.  All the elements within the trap box will be highlighted to show they are grouped. The user can use this box trapping as many times as needed.  An individual selection of an element alters the grouping status: That is, an element already in the group will be removed from the group, an element not in the group will be placed in the group.  TOGGLE alters the grouping status of all elements all at once.

Key in a layer number to include all elements with that layer value. To remove all elements of the same layer value, just key in the negative value.

  Group All

Click this icon to put all existing elements in the group.

  Group Clear

Click this icon to clear the group – remove all elements out of the group.

  Group OK

Grouping is in lieu of selecting and identifying target elements. When grouping is satisfactorily accomplished, the user hits this button to invoke the intended action at hand, such as deletion of the elements, for instance.  This Group OK icon is enabled only if the FM in effect accepts grouped elements as a target.


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Copyright © 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.