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G-system Conversion from VC++ to WPF/C#/.Net/VS2010 Express

 WPF User Control Examples

I created a tutorial program demonstrating the usage of various GUI gizmos of WPF....

2011-March-5  WPF 3D RENDERING

I found this WPF 3D cone example. I was flabbergasted to see 3D graphic rendition by WPF. Below, I rendered a 3D image under WPF/C#. This is all I need for my G-CS project! A 3d camera, perspective projection, light, shading, model tessellation... I know WPF is using DirectX for rendering, the native mode for .NET, but does this mean I do not have to access DirectX APIs directly from my application? It seems like all I need is already encapsulated in WPF! Wow!!!!





2011-May-11  I am struggling to restore the fundamental CAD capability in this WPF 3D!!!
I am restoring the original Image Invalidation (rendering) scheme in this C#/WPF CAD...

2011-May-15  3D Line was introduced... showing axes and current plane

2011-May-23  Moving right along...Desktop done



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Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.