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G-System . CAD
Computer-Aided Design Software

C++ / MFC / OpenGL
Visual Studio 2008 Professional / Windows 7
Visual Studio 2013 x64 / Windows 10
Visual Studio 2015 x64 / Windows 10

C# / WPF Implementation      HLSL     VC++ G-System Download          Visual Studio 2008 Port      

New 2017 Modifications

Visual Studio 2008 Tips     Windows 7    FrontPage 2003   Amazon-Kindle   Amazon-CreateSpace

Visual C++ / Microsoft Foundation Class / OpenGL

This is a computer-aided design software (CAD system) for Microsoft Windows.

The program is written in VC++ language using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) library
and OpenGL (for graphical rendering).


General Description


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Grid/Mesh Generation - Hexahedral Decomposition

 Click here for CFD grid generation - "Insert" feature here.
(Computational Fluid Dynamics)

On the Day of 2011-March-10

I started my conversion to C#/WPF.

C# / WPF Implementation (New)



Rendering - Data str side / Render side

Multi vpt support for render

Draw / RenderOneElemOneVpt

Dictionary (C#) - Map (std)

WPF3D Lighting note



Started on 2009-12-23

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Copyright 2010-2013 Makoto Honda. All Rights Reserved.